Welcome To, a software company. We are the developers of myFamilyTree. A tool that can be used for storing of ancestry an descendent data. You then can use reporting utilities to create reports and charts. Please feel free to download and try out our software

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dataentry (8K) myFamilyTree features a very easy to use data entry screen, you just add person fill and the data and your done, After create your second person you can start making relationships to your added records
locations (8K) So you were born in Florida, which likely means your siblings and parents were born in Florida By using the Locations manager you just need to enter in a location once and then it can be used for other records, make a typo... then just fix the one master location record
reports (9K) Make a chart tree showing up to 4 generations, Make an ancestry or descendents report or make a family report. Lots of choices for reporting on your entered data
backend (10K) myFamilyTree features a comma delimited file backend, which means if you needed to you can easily review your data in Microsoft excel
windows (8K) myFamilyTree is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
safety (6K) Keep your data safely on your pc instead of online, also don't get charged monthly for like you would at