Welcome To, a private software company. We are currently developing of myFamilyTree, flashcard games, and event based software.

Event     Event is our latest application, Currently in beta and not available to the public, The application when released will allow users to setup up events for ranking things such as Wine, Ribs, Cake, Chilli. Providing the event raters a public key, and a master key for the event creator that can be used to track the item that is doing the best in the event. The database accounts are encryped and will use https

Flashcards     Flashcards is an interactive teaching utility that parents and teachers can use to teach their children a variety of topics, from ABCs, Math and basic sentence generation. Works very well with cellphones. You can do the flashcards in order (forwards or backwards), or in random order. There are currently over 25 flashcard topics to choose from. It also supports a continuous or correct/incorrect feedback option.

fam     MyFamilyTree is a c#.Net developed application that can track your ancestry locally on your own computer without needing to pay for sites such as The data is stored in .csv files and can be easily readable, if you choose not to use the software at a later point, though we also support simple encryption if needed. The app can run multiple reports and can show a clickable card display to navigate between relationships.

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